Geniee SSP (Aladdin)

  1. SSP (Supply Side Platform) of GENIEE. One of the leading SSP platform in Indonesia, a platform which enables GENIEE and their vendors to manage advertising space inventory, fill with ads, and earning revenue.
  2. ALADDIN can connect to any DSP platform and create an automated ad serve system which is known as programmatic.
  3. ALADDIN has most the premium publishers in Indonesia which includes the inventory of big portals such as Kompas Group, Okezone, Kapan Lagi Network, Kaskus, Viva, etc.
  4. ALADDIN can “White Labelled” and will be available for any vendors (agency) with a minimum cost or revenue share system.
  5. ALADDIN is available for Desktop Website, Mobile Websites, and App (IOS/ Android)
Geniee Indonesia